Biocomputing II - Advanced Python

Title Biocomputing II - Advanced Python
Schwerpunkt/Focus ÖEB ZPG
Sprache/Language englisch
VV-Nr./Course No. 134404
Modulverantwortlich/Responsible Prof. Dr. Erich Bornberg-Bauer
Vertreter/Co-responsible Dr. Mark Harrison
Anbieter/Teachers Prof. Dr. Erich Bornberg-Bauer
Typ/Type Praktikum + Seminar
SWS/Semerster periods per week
Arbeitslast(h)/Work load 150 h
KP/Credit points 5 KP (8 KP für MEd HRSGe)
Zuordnung/Classification Fortgeschrittenen-Modul
Semester/Semester WiSe
Studierende/Students MSc Biowissenschaften
MSc Biotechnologie
MSc Molekulare Biomedizin
Bachelor HRSGe
Zeit/Date Block IV: 05.02.2024-01.03.2024
Ort/Location IEB, Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity, Hüfferstraße 1
Beginn/Start 05.02.2024
Vorbesprechung/Obligatory pre-meeting 21.11.2023 18:00, Sozialraum Hüfferstraße 1
Voraussetzung/Prerequisite N/A
Anmeldung/Registration online
Leistungskontrollen/Performance assessments Protokoll + Präsentation + Mitarbeit
Termine f. Leistungskontrollen/Date for performance assessments
max. NP/Max. grade points 200 NP
Ziele/Aims Advanced programming in Python
Handling and manipulating genomic and proteomic data
Data analysis and visualisation
Inhalte/Content Students will learn how to write powerful scripts to automatize repetitive tasks and analyze diverse datasets from disparate resources and interfacing more complex datasets and databases. The module includes a more comprehensive applied project using Python programming. Biocomputing II is aimed at students who are comfortable with Python scripting (or who have significant experience in another programming language) and who wish to extend their skills to more advanced topics and data analysis. Typically taken by a small number of students, and runs in parallel to Biocomputing I (same times and places).
Methoden/Methods Python programming
File management and command line usage in a Linux environment
Berufsrelevante und interdisziplinäre Komponenten/Occupational and interdisciplinary skills
Voraussetzung für/Prerequisite for
Präsenzpflicht/Compulsory presence Yes
Plätze/Number of participants 10
Gruppengröße/Group size Nach Vereinbarung
Literatur/Literature Stephen H.D. Haddock and Casey W. Dunn:
Practical Computing for Biologists;
ISBN-10: 0878933913;
Sonstiges/Further information


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Titel/Title Zeit (von...bis)/Time ( Ort(Raum)/Location
Übungen/Practical exercises
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